What We Do

Today, a strong immunity is more important than ever before. With a high-stress lifestyle, insufficient sleep, sedentary day-to-day, and unhealthy nutrition, and a pandemic to top it off, we have collectively never been at greater risk of irreversibly damaging our health. We at OneHerb believe that for a happy, healthy future, we must return to our ancient traditional ways.

More specifically, our Ayurvedic heritage. Ayurvedic philosophy revolves around prevention over cure, and thus, employs its extensive knowledge of herbs and spices to strengthen, repair, and revitalize the body. To help you achieve this, we procure the finest medicinal herbs from across the world and make them available under one roof. And as our name suggests, one herb is all it takes.

Our Story

We are the founders of The Indian Chai, an enterprise dedicated to curating the finest teas in India and crafting them into unique all-natural blends ranging from Ayurvedic herbal teas to delightful dessert teas. Along this journey, as our range of tea blends grew, so did our knowledge of Ayurvedic herbals. And as our teas spread across every corner of India, an exciting, new opportunity returned to us.

OneHerb is the culmination of this opportunity. There was frequent demand from customers of The Indian Chai for specific herbs to be made available separately. These are herbs not easily accessible in the market and come with a lack of quality assurance if at all available. It is this demand combined with our subject expertise and resourcefulness that has led to the inception of OneHerb.

Our Vision

To improve India’s health.

To reconnect India with its Ayurvedic heritage.

To cultivate the best medicinal herbs from across the globe in India.

Our Promise

Quality: We will adhere to the highest of quality standards and ensure all our products are 100% natural.

Variety: As different ailments require different herbal solutions, have your unique needs catered to.

Freshness: Our premium packaging ensures freshness of the products is retained throughout consumption.